Homeopathy an alternative therapy is it biblical or occult?





First I will try to explain views on homeopathy by homeopaths themselves, then I will show the other side.

Samuel Hahnemann is the founder of homeopathic medicine. He discovered the premise: a substance that can induce symptoms, is also able to cure the same symptoms.

What he says is that if caffeine has insomnia as a side effect that caffeine therefore be the cure for insomnia. It reminds me a little of vaccinations. Then you spray the disease, so the body will fight against it and makes antibodies.

Ordinary drugs often work quickly and well, but have many side effects.Now they say that by diluting and shaking the liquid, the working force is increasing and side affects decreases. You call this process potentiate.

By the use of homeopathic remedies it strengthens the healing powers that are naturally already there. So the body will heal itself and restore the natural balance.

And now the other side of homeopathy.

The science is very clear about homeopathy. The liquid is diluted so much that no more substance is in it. They explain the workings to the placebo effect, or the treatment that comes with it, for example quitting smoking and drinking. 

I compare diluting and shaking the drink with lemonade. If I fill the glass with lemonade syrup than it will be that the more water  I add, the less sweeter it will become. I dilute and mix just until there is no trace of syrup and everything in it (I keep water) yet it's sweeter. What's the secret?                                                                                       

The secret is in potentiating, the "energy" of the material transferred to the dilution, which there is nothing left of the  the original substance. By diluting and shaking the bottles, a certain (demonic) power is connected to the drug.

Hahnemann himself thought that the spiritual side was more important than the physical side and found the "spiritual essence" of the drug outweigh the suspension itself. He argued strongly that not only dilute the drug but the process of thinning - the shaking and mixing - the healing power figures to the substance. Source: The Hidden Agenda

For a diagnosis, many homeopaths use astrology and do palm readings. They even consulted spiritualists. It is clear that all this is very occult and therefore very dangerous.

In every supermarket and drugstore there are alternative drugs for sale. For a better night's sleep or a better resistance. You'd better have resistance to these drugs!  

By being treated by a homeopath, or the pills and potions to take, you can become demonic  affected. (not possessed) Although it works, whether it's a placebo effect or the demonic influences, although it is very normal these funds to purchase, (you buy it as easily as aspirin), it remains important to stay away from it.

God has given herbs and plants with medicinal properties, but nowhere in the Bible we read that these plants and herbs were so far diluted that the original is gone and it yet cures. So this is another plan a tricks of Satan to keep people from God.

Hahnemann himself was a Mason and not a fan of Jesus. Only these two facts should ring a bell. Jesus says, who is not with me is against me.

The following statement from a homeopath says it all:  

A classical homeopathy sustention works where a man is more than one body, at the level of life energy.

And so we come to the end of the matter  again on the vital energy. It is that where we come out with every alternative medicine. The life energy which by alternative healers said, that we all have in us. Life energy is a universal power that we do not see but feel and which keeps us in balance, they say.

We have no force which keeps us in Balance. Our help comes from the Lord.

1 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. 2 My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2

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